Website Accessibility, Restructuring and Rewriting

People scan webpages 79% of the time; they only read every word 16% of the time.

-Nielsen Norman Group

Is your website out of compliance?

Do too many people have access to it and now there is too much inconsistent content?

Is your content stale and out-of-date?

Does your website needs a complete restructuring, but you don’t know where to start?

The CommunicatED team has restructured and rewritten award-winning, K-12, private school and higher ed websites, and we have the unique perspectives of being communications directors, marketing managers and graphic designers at educational institutions, as well as a faculty member, parent and alumni.

We have worked with, and have extensive knowledge of numerous content management systems (CMS) such as Finalsite, Blackboard, eSchoolView, WordPress, Drupal and custom systems.

Additionally, Dr. Holdsworth has frequently presented on website accessibility and trained district leaders and communicators. Our entire team has been trained in and are familiar with ADA-compliance requirements.

Don’t feel like you are stuck with an out-of-date, non-compliant website. CommunicatED can help.

Your website is often the first place people visit when searching for a school or district

What impression does yours make?

You only get once chance to make a first impression, so if parents and potential students are visiting your site, it’s imperative you put your best content out there.

But there’s a fine line between putting everything you THINK your target audiences would like to see on your site and what should be up there. Oftentimes, schools and districts think of their sites as a filing cabinet or a collector of PDFs upon PDFs…not the intended purpose of a website.

Your website should be a lead generator and marketer, providing enough information for potential families and students and community members. Parent, student and staff portals are meant to house the other “stuff.”

Read on to learn about CommunicatED’s website services.

Weekly Reports

Weekly update report followed by check-in call (30 minutes to one hour).


Complete audit of website for consistent messaging and formatting, ADA-compliance, photos and videos usage and broken links.

Custom Web Style Guide

Creation of custom web style guide including ADA accessibility guidelines.


Restructure website based on research and best practices.

Community Messaging

Draft letters to internal and external constituents describing the new website structure and purpose.

Google Analytics

Review and assessment of current and prior Google Analytics.


Internal and external survey creation, dissemination and results analysis.


Benchmark your website against up to four competitors and/or like-institutions.


Rewrite pages for consistent messaging, ADA-compliance and search engine optimization (SEO).

Final Report

A wrap up report that includes everything on this page.

Why choose CommunicatED?

Combined, our expert team has more than 40 years of experience in educational communications. We have worked at private schools, independent schools, public school districts, intermediate school districts, charter schools, public universities and private colleges.

Our team members have won more than 50 industry awards for everything from admissions marketing materials to annual reports to institutional websites to graphic design to article placements.

We have all undergone ADA-compliance training and have been deeply involved in the redesign and rewriting of various school and college websites.

No one in the industry has our same depth, breadth and enthusiasm for all things education. 

Learn by doing

A unique part of our process is that we always show you the ‘why’ behind what we’re doing. Whether it is gathering research, planning out strategies or developing a budget, our team is committed to teaching you the process.

The reason? Dr. Holdsworth’s doctorate is in education and she firmly believes in the Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Yes, we are educational communications experts and no, we don’t want to put ourselves out of work. However, knowledge is power, and as part of our process, we train you in the higher level components of research, evaluation and strategic communications planning as we proceed through the project.

With Dr. Holdsworth’s dual role as an assistant professor and consultant, she wants our clients to understand the ins and outs of strategic communications for both their current and future projects.

“Amanda sees what needs to be done and knows how to build her case to execute the strategy.

She is successful because she believes in collaborating on the strategy for the best outcome. She empowers those around her to achieve success. Everyone in her world gets lifted in the process.”

Grace Farley, Program Director, Cleary University 

How much does your website package cost?

This package starts at $7,500.

Are you designing the site?

No, but we’re happy to make design and/or content management systems (CMS) recommendations. 

This package takes all of the busywork out of your schedule, yet retains an extremely high level of research and writing. We will make recommendations on restructuring and will make all changes directly to your CMS if you grant us access.

Can you also design our e-newsletter and social media channels?

Yes, we’d love to, be please note that those are additional expenses above and beyond this package.

Can you maintain our site?

Yes! Our current rate is $100/hour and we time-track our work. If an update takes three minutes, you’re only charged for three minutes.

Who will be involved in our project?

CommunicatED’s staff includes a PR and marketing strategist, a digital design strategist, an internal communications strategist and several of our trusted former colleagues and consultants. Dr. Holdsworth serves as the main point-of-contact for all clients.

How long will this take?

A lot of what we do is dependent upon our clients’ timelines. Do you have someone on your team who will serve as a dedicated point-person? If so, typical sites can take less than six weeks.

What if we're not happy?

With our transparency throughout the process and committment to teaching you why we do what we do, we hope this isn’t the case. If something does seem off, however, you are always encouraged to contact Dr. Holdsworth at any time.

Ready to get started?

Send us an email with any and all questions or to schedule our services.