Onboarding Program Revamp

Only 12% of employees strongly agree their company does a good job of onboarding new employees.

-2017 Gallup State of the American
Workplace Report

To attract and retain top talent, schools and colleges need to have solid onboarding programs. But how and why should communicators get involved?

Although we’re not HR, communicators are culture and branding experts…so who better to engage employees as brand ambassadors from day one?

While a doctoral student at the University of Southern California, Dr. Holdsworth’s researched focused on the effects of organizational culture on employee engagement. She found that oftentimes, a lack of appropriate and consistent onboarding diluted an organization’s brand.

CommunicatED can help.

All of our team members have experienced the good, bad and ugly of onboarding as either a new employee or as a communicator who was pulled into the process. We are pretty passionate about organizational culture and believe it starts from BEFORE an employee starts at your institution. Learn more about what we can offer you below.

Employees need to be formally onboarded


Research shows that employees are integrated more quickly into an organization when they are properly onboarded. They are set up for success in their new roles, decreasing your turnover rates and increasing retention of top talent.

Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to reinforce your mission, vision and values, helping to create brand ambassadors from day one.

Read on to learn about our onboarding services.

Campus/School Visits

Initial one-day campus visit to kick-off the project and to conduct one-on-one interviews.

Final one-day campus visit to present the program and proposed implementation.


Audit of all recruitment, onboarding and training materials, intranet and website, as well as the current onboarding program.

Process Assessment and Development

Assessment of current onboarding process and development of a new one.

Weekly Reports

Weekly update report followed by check-in call (30 minutes to one hour).


Surveys sent to employees one-month, three-months, six-months and 12-months post-hire date. Gap analysis of the results. 

Recruitment Brand Messaging

Recommendations on recruitment material messaging to align with your brand.

Why choose CommunicatED?

Combined, our expert team has more than 40 years of experience in educational communications. We have worked at private schools, independent schools, public school districts, intermediate school districts, charter schools, public universities and private colleges.

Our team members have won more than 50 industry awards for everything from admissions marketing materials to annual reports to institutional websites to graphic design to article placements.

No one in the industry has our same depth, breadth and enthusiasm for all things education. Additionally, our founder’s experience and passion for organizational culture and employee engagement gives us the opportunity to meld business, education and communications best practices…all to benefit you.

Learn by doing

A unique part of our process is that we always show you the ‘why’ behind what we’re doing. Whether it is gathering research, planning out strategies or developing a budget, our team is committed to teaching you the process.

The reason? Dr. Holdsworth’s doctorate is in education and she firmly believes in the Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Yes, we are educational communications experts and no, we don’t want to put ourselves out of work. However, knowledge is power, and as part of our process, we train you in the higher level components of research, evaluation and strategic communications planning as we proceed through the project.

With Dr. Holdsworth’s dual role as an assistant professor and consultant, she wants our clients to understand the ins and outs of strategic communications for both their current and future projects, whether they are with us, another firm or completed internally.

“I got the most from Dr. Holdsworth’s presentation because her session was just what I needed for the plan I’m working on!”

2018 NSPRA Seminar attendee 

How much does the Onboarding Program Revamp package cost?

This package starts at $5,000.

Are your travel expenses for the two campus visits included in the fee?

Yes, and that is why we note that the package starts at $5,000. If the campus is out of our region or country, the proposal will be modified slightly to reflect the increased travel costs.

Does the entire CommunicatED team visit the campus?

Typically, no. Dr. Holdsworth is usually the only one who visits, but there have been cases where it is necessary for additional staff members to attend the official on-campus meetings.

Who will be involved in our project?

CommunicatED’s staff includes a PR and marketing strategist, a digital design strategist, an internal communications strategist and several of our trusted former colleagues and consultants. Dr. Holdsworth serves as the main point-of-contact for all clients.

How long will this take?

Most of what we do is dependent upon our clients. Do you have someone on your team who will serve as a dedicated point-person so we can get through the audits, data collection phases and approval process quickly? We’ve had some plans, start-to-finish, completed in three months and others have taken six months or more. 

What if we're not happy?

With our transparency throughout the process and committment to teaching you why we do what we do, we hope this isn’t the case. If something does seem off, however, you are always encouraged to contact Dr. Holdsworth at any time.

Ready to get started?

Send us an email with any and all questions or to schedule our services.