Strategic Communications Planning

“Researching, developing, executing and evaluating strategic communications plans is both an art and a science.”

-Dr. Amanda Holdsworth, APR

Our experienced and dedicated team can help support your communications efforts in a wide variety of ways:

Are you an educational administrator who needs help putting together a plan?

An enrollment management director who needs to increase inquiries and applications through concentrated marketing?

Or, are you a  communicator who needs help executing your vision, but you don’t have the funds to hire a full-time person?

CommunicatED can help.

Planning is the key to success

Strategic communications plans are just that: strategic, thought-out, researched and tested. They help keep not only a communications team on task, but also help everyone within the organization understand the direction you are taking with both the internal and external brand.

The specialists at CommunicatED have developed strategic communications plans for public and private educational institutions at all levels, from early childhood to graduate schools.

Let us handle your research, planning and evaluation phases…the imperative components of a successful plan that often get pushed aside as you’re putting out fires each day.

Campus/School Visits

Initial one-day campus visit to kick-off the project and to conduct one-on-one interviews.

Final one-day campus visit to present research report and strategic communications plan.


Audits of both internal communication materials and external marketing collateral, current and past communications plans and PR documents.

Past Campaign Assessments

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Process Assessment and Development

Assessment of current communications process (if applicable) and development of a new one to streamline internal requests and projects.

Weekly Reports

Weekly update report followed by check-in call (30 minutes to one hour).


Surveys to both internal and external consituents created and disseminated with full results analysis.


Benchmark your institution or district against up to four competitors or like institutions/districts.

Strategic Communications Plan

The final product is a strategic communications plan with a detailed timeline, budget and evaluation guidelines.

Recommendations will be made, where necessary, and if the client requests, we will seek vendor bids and quotes. 

The plan will be presented during the final campus visit.

Why choose CommunicatED?

Combined, our expert team has more than 40 years of experience in educational communications. We have worked at private schools, independent schools, public school districts, intermediate school districts, charter schools, public universities and private colleges.

Our team members have won more than 50 industry awards for everything from admissions marketing materials to annual reports to institutional websites to graphic design to article placements.

No one in the industry has our same depth, breadth and enthusiasm for all things education.

Learn by doing

A unique part of our process is that we always show you the ‘why’ behind what we’re doing. Whether it is gathering research, planning out strategies or developing a budget, our team is committed to teaching you the process.

The reason? Dr. Holdsworth’s doctorate is in education and she firmly believes in the Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Yes, we are educational communications experts and no, we don’t want to put ourselves out of work. However, knowledge is power, and as part of our process, we train you in the higher level components of research, evaluation and strategic communications planning as we proceed through the project.

With Dr. Holdsworth’s dual role as an assistant professor and consultant, she wants our clients to understand the ins and outs of strategic communications for both their current and future projects, whether they are with us, another firm or completed internally.

“For years, we turned to Amanda as both a problem solver and a strategic communicator.

She has a stellar work ethic and is always on top of her game. Supportive to her co-workers and inspiring as a leader, she’s a rare combination of talent and personality.”

Scott Bertschy, University of Michigan

How much does the Strategic Communications Planning package cost?

This package starts at $7,500.

Are your travel expenses for the two campus visits included in the fee?

Yes, and that is why we note that the package starts at $7,500. If the campus is out of our region or country, the proposal will be modified slightly to reflect the increased travel costs.

Does the entire CommunicatED team visit the campus?

Typically, no. Dr. Holdsworth is usually the only one who visits, but there have been cases where it is necessary for additional staff members to attend the official on-campus meetings.

Who will be involved in our project?

CommunicatED’s staff includes a PR and marketing strategist, a digital design strategist, an internal communications strategist and several of our trusted former colleagues and consultants. Dr. Holdsworth serves as the main point-of-contact for all clients.

Your rate seems low compared to other firms. Does this mean something is missing?

On the contrary! From our team’s experience of working with school and college budgets ranging from $10,000 to over $1M/year, we recognize the importance of fair budgets for packages that make a big impact.

In many of our past roles, having worked with firms that charge more than this as a monthly retainer, we want clients and potential clients to understand that we know what we are doing, we can work efficiently and effectively and we won’t gouge you on pricing.

How long will this take?

Most of what we do is dependent upon our clients. Do you have someone on your team who will serve as a dedicated point-person so we can get through the data collection phases and approval process quickly? We’ve had some plans, start-to-finish, completed in less than a month, and others have taken six months because of our clients’ internal systems. 

What if we're not happy?

With our transparency throughout the process and committment to teaching you why we do what we do, we hope this isn’t the case. If something does seem off, however, you are always encouraged to contact Dr. Holdsworth at any time.

Ready to get started?

Send us an email with any and all questions or to schedule our services.